Coaching Client Onboarding Kit: Welcome Clients With Ease

Revolutionise your coaching business with an all-inclusive Coaching Client Onboarding Kit. Nurture relationships, impress clients, & streamline your business.




Empower Your Coaching Business with the Ultimate Coaching Client Onboarding Kit

Imagine welcoming new clients with polished, professional templates that save you time and impress from the start.

The Life Coach Spark Coaching Client Onboarding Kit is a collection of 4 ready-to-use templates (plus a bonus PDF Guide) designed to streamline and elevate your client onboarding process.  Here’s what’s included:

1. Client Welcome Packet

The Client Welcome Packet is a concise guide that kickstarts coaching relationships with essential details, communication preferences, and service information, fostering a professional and organized start to the coaching journey.

It includes:

2. Coaching Agreement

The Coaching Agreement is a key legal document that outlines terms and conditions for coaching services, fostering clear and professional relationships between coaches and clients. 

It includes:

Coaching Agreement Product Disclaimer

This coaching agreement template is provided solely as a sample for your consideration in creating a contract that defines the legal relationship between you and your client(s). It is intended to serve as a reference or guide to assist you in drafting your version. The template includes standard clauses covering various aspects of the coaching relationship to protect both you and your clients. It is strongly advised that you review the final draft of your coaching agreement with your legal counsel to ensure its appropriateness for your specific circumstances and to address any legal considerations unique to your practice.

This coaching agreement template is offered “as is” without any warranties or representations as to its suitability for any particular purpose. Life Coach Freedom specifically disclaims any liability or responsibility for any alleged losses, injuries, or damages arising out of or resulting from your voluntary decision to utilize this sample document or any variation thereof. By using this template, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for customizing it to meet your individual needs and for seeking legal advice where necessary.

3. Client Intake Form

The Client Intake Form is a crucial document designed to gather vital client information during initial interactions with the coach, streamlining the process to establish productive coaching relationships.

It includes:

4. Welcome Email

The Welcome Email is a pre-written template designed to kickstart coaching relationships by efficiently introducing onboarding documents to new clients, ensuring a smooth and informed start to the coaching journey. 

It includes:

Special Bonus Offer

Transform your paperwork into Fillable PDFs for effortless efficiency!

Are you tired of dealing with cumbersome paperwork? Say hello to efficiency & professionalism with our bonus PDF guide! Transform your documents into fillable PDFs for free and streamline your coaching process even further. Say goodbye to printing, scanning, and mailing, and hello to digital convenience!

This Coaching Client Onboarding Kit will empower you to:

Invest in your coaching practice today!

The Coaching Client Onboarding Kit is your key to creating a positive and impactful onboarding experience for your clients, allowing you to focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional coaching value!

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Peace of mind with our money-back guarantee

Expertly crafted with passion and expertise, this resource has been designed to save you time & effort so you can focus on what matters most.

I’m confident you will love it, but if you’re not 100% satisfied we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. T&Cs apply.

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Additional information

Resource Format:

Canva, Google Doc

Coaching Niche:

ADHD Coach, Anxiety Coach, Autism Coach, Business Coach, Career Coach, Confidence Coach, Executive & Leadership, Finance & Wealth Coach, Grief & Trauma Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Marketing & Sales Coach, Parenting & Family Coach, Relationship Coach

Product Type:

Bundles, Business Essentials, Guides & Worksheets, Templates


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